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Toward A More Perfect Union | Timothy Geoglein

Toward A More Perfect Union | Timothy Geoglein

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"Goeglein...has a clear message...for jittery Americans..., citing such examples as the emerging admiration of socialism, the disparagement of religion, law enforcement and the military, and the public mockery of basic beliefs in news coverage and social media." -Jennifer Haper, The Washington Times


"...Goeglein makes a compelling case that America cannot hope to prevent wars, save the planet, or cure cancer if we continue our present course of vilifying and ostracizing those who we once hailed as heroes." -Mike Berry, First Liberty Institute


"To be sure, Goeglein is intellectually honest and affords a fair and honest account of America's shortcomings. But instead of using past wrongs as a weapon, Goeglein urges us to use them as a tool to better understand ourselves so that we can avoid repeating past mistakes." --The Daily Caller


"Candid, compassionate, engaging, and wise advice on dealing with depression." --Kirkus Reviews


"'Toward a More Perfect Union' is not just another book that ought to be read, but a call to action that must not be ignored." --Lee Edwards

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